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Virtual Assistant Services

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Did you resolve to address your work/life balance this year? Let me help by partnering with you. I am the Virtual Assistant you can trust to book your flight/hotel room, order your pick-up service, organize your email account and update your calendar. Let’s connect to discuss how I can partner with you to make your life run more smoothly.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and there are tasks that keep getting placed on the next list because there are just not enough hours in each day to complete it all, I can help. You won’t need to rent me an office, buy me a computer, send me to training, or provide me with the latest software or health insurance.

I work from my office and communicate with you at an agreed upon time by email, phone, or Zoom meeting. Our partnership can make your life less stressful.

I can help you manage your day-to-day tasks!

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I will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your information and accounts are in secure hands. I have many years of experience in dealing with sensitive, private issues both in Law Enforcement and Ministry/Counseling fields.


I find so much satisfaction in helping my clients utilize up-to-date business tools for their businesses. I enjoy researching for the best options for their specific needs and helping them with implementation.


We can get acquainted and I will learn what your business goals are. I will be glad to take the initiative and assist you in making those goals a reality. You can give me individual tasks or a project to complete and have peace of mind knowing it is in good hands.

Using A Bullet Journal To Boost Your Productivity

Having your daily tasks organized can make it easy to see what you might be able to pass off to your Virtual Assistant. Perhaps, you vlog or post to YouTube on a regular basis but don’t have time to transcribe those videos for use as blogs, tweets, ebooks, traffic generating pdf lists or reports. As a Virtual Assistant, I can transcribe your video or audio content so that you can utilize it in multiple ways.

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Organized, detail oriented, and fast.

Shelly has been working with my non-profit organization for more than two years. She is amazing! She is organized, detail oriented, and fast. I have always found her willing to tackle any task, from booking airlines to creating documents for our use. Shelly researches ways to satisfy the client; if there is an answer out there, she will find it. I can honestly say she is an irreplaceable asset to my company.
Julie Ganschow, Executive Director, Reigning Grace Counseling Center 

Shelly has truly been a godsend!

Shelly has truly been a godsend for us! It seems there are so many tasks that need to be accomplished in any given week, and Shelly organizes and prioritizes them so that nothing falls through the cracks. She knows the ins and outs of web traffic and social media use, enabling us to make the most of our efforts in these areas. She is quick and efficient with any task we assign her and is always eager to research and discover new ways to help us get our message out. 
Suzanne Holland, Online Program Coordinator, Reigning Grace Counseling Center

Incredibly thorough and reliable.

I first worked with Shelly when she was overseeing various administrative tasks for one of her clients. What stood out to me is her love for learning. Many people stop learning once they hit a certain life stage. Shelly is not one of those people. She is well read, an incredibly fast learner and someone who goes after any task you give her. I was amazed at how well she can teach herself tasks yet unknown to her. If Shelly doesn't know how to do something, she learns and learns quickly. There is nothing she isn't willing to figure out. On the other hand, Shelly is already proficient at so many administrative tasks you will want to pass off to her. Whether it's email, basic website help or planning, she is incredibly thorough and reliable. I highly recommend Shelly!  
Julie Masson, Social Media Strategist and Blogger